Automatic tamponing, adhesive, testing equipment

The task of the machine to sign by tamponing process the product which is put from the injection mold machine to the conveyor, then take double-sized adhesive on the back of the product. During the process the quality of tamponing and place of the adhesive is checked by camera. 

Main characteristics:

  • Cycle time:  4 x 8s (the injection machine loads four products at the same time on the conveyor)

  • Part manipulation with scara robot, which is supported by position determining with camera

  • Sequences are carreid out on a rotation table with 12 stations, double nest design

  • Tampon marking at the outer nest position 

  • Quality checking with camera

  • Rotating and moving of workpiece into inner nest position

  • Adding duoble sided adhesive stickers from roll

  • Double sided adhesive stickers removing from the tape using a manipulator

  • Vacuum usage for lifting and manipulating the work pieces and the adhesive stickers

  • Weight load appliyng to the added adhesive sticker. This helps the glue cross-linking

  • A smart sensor checks the position and the quality of the adhesive sticker