With over twenty years of experience in custom machine manufacturing, our industry-driven 4.0 support team provides advanced technology backing to meet the diverse and changing needs of customers to help meet their goals.

Machine Design

  • Experts on the field of mechanical design and control system (including robotics)
  • Successful internship program for mechanics, electronics & mechatronics
  • Applied CAD: ePLAN, Inventor, Solid Edge,


  • Assembling machines in-house
  • Own Machine Chipping and Machining through our constant and continuously expanding partnerships in Videoton Group and its surroundings


  • PLC experiences
  • Software design
  • HMI design
  • Robot programming
  • Traceability (RFID)
  •  MES communication
  •  Data Acquisition

Project managment

  • Surveying and negotiating customer needs by personal meetings, via email, or using on-line business platforms
  • Detailed price quotation
  • Contact in Multiple Languages (English/German/Serbian/Hungarian)
  • Project management and customer care after ordering