Sister companies

As a member of the VIDEOTON Group, our company maintains close professional relationships with VT-ASYST SRB Ltd. and TIPA Ltd.

A VT ASYST Ltd. has been operating at its Székesfehérvár site since 1996. It has more than twenty years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing custom-made machines, equipments, testers and automated production lines. VT ASYST Ltd. has all the engineering, mechanical and electrical mechanic capacities needed in the construction of custom machines.Founded in 1995, TIPA Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance of custom machines, production lines. Engineering and automation solutions are developed by our own team of highly experienced and experienced engineers.The company's core activities include engineering and maintenance, design and programming, industrial automation.VT-ASYST SRB Ltd. is located in Subotica, Serbia, near the Serbian-Hungarian border. It's main profile is design of special purpose machines, equipments, testers and automated production lines. The company is constantly expanding to meet customer needs as fully as possible.